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lorThe French Trip

The French Trip

The trip for 2013 was to a B&B in Reminiac named mototaranis. Many of the group have stayed here before, It's owned and run by a biker friendly couple named Ken & Lesley. Many deserted country lanes are on the doorstep of mototaranis in the Morbihan  department and is only 2 1/2 hours away from the Caen ferry port.

French cuisine Perfection. The French can produce a masterpiece when it comes to food, it won’t be left looking like a “dogs dinner” even a sandwich becomes a work of art!

Plus ça change Thankfully as France moves ahead into the 21 century nothing changes in regards to the quaint villages, fantastic scenery and endless twisting country roads.

The Voyage

Why pay for a hotel room in UK when you can have a hotel that transports you to your destination You can have a 4 berth cabin for less than £60, try getting 4 people in a decent hotel for that price! and it's cheaper. Large cabin, well stocked shops and a restaurant and bar with a sea view.  
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